The aim of the Venture Scout Section is to continue the progressive training of the Cub Scout and the Scout Sections and to ensure that its members are giving every opportunity and encouragement to take their place in society as young adolescent of standing and worth.

The method of this section is based mainly self-programmed and largely self-governing unit combined with a progressive training programme linked to an Award Scheme.

A boy or a girl becomes a Venture Scout by investiture, during which he or she makes or re-affirms the Scout Promise.

To become a Venture Scout, a boy or girl must have attained the age of 16 but not reached his or her 18th birthday.

A Venture Scout should leave the Venture Scout Section at the age of 18 to continue his or her training for Rover Scout.

After investiture as a Venture Scout, he or she proceeds to qualify for :

1. 1st Year - The Venture Award

2. 2nd Year - The Sultan’s Scout Award.

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