The aim of the Scout section is to encourage the physical, mental, social and spiritual development of the eleven to sixteen year old Scouts as an integral part of an overall plan of continuous training throughout the age range of the movement.

There is a progressive Training Programme in this section which is combined with a Proficiency Badge Scheme. A boy or girl qualifies for membership by attaining the Scout Badge, the requirement for which involve a basic knowledge and give the new member a taste of Scouting.

To become a Cub Scout, a boy or a girl must attained the age of 11 and should leave the Scout Section at the age of 16. Before being invested, he or she must pass the requirement of the Scout Badge. This test must be taken within three months of admission.

After investiture as a Scout, he or she proceeds to qualify for the Progress Badges as follows:

1. 1st Year - The Scout Standard

2. 2nd Year - The Advanced Scout Standard

3. 3rd Year - The Chief Scout’s Award

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