Rover Scout is a continuation of the Venture Scout. The aim of Rover Scout Section is to promote, enhance the development of mental, physical, social and spiritual development through challenging activities; and to facilitate the growth of young adults.

The method of this section is based mainly self-programmed and largely self-governing crew combined with a progressive training programme linked to an Award Scheme.

To become a Squire Rover Scout, a young man or woman must have attained the age of 18. A young man or woman becomes a Squire Rover Scout by investiture, during which he or she makes or re-affirms the Scout Promise.

To become a Full Rover Scout, the members must undergo a ceremony to become Full Rover Scout during which the member is awarded with the Rover Scout Epaulettes.

A Rover Scout should leave the Rover Scout Section at the age of 26 to continue his or her training as a leader.

After awarded the Rover Scout Epaulettes, the member proceeds to obtained 5 badges, 3 Compulsory Badges and 2 optional badges then after obtaining the 5 badges the members qualify for Baden Powell Award:

• National Badge

• Skill Badge

• Rambler Badge

• Service Badge

• Entrepreneur Badge

• Leadership Badge

• International Badge

• ICT Badge

• Extreme Badge

• Baden Powell Award.

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