Majlis Persuruhjaya Pengakap


Functions (refers to the constitution of Constitution Persekutuan Pengakap Negara Brunei Darussalam (Amendment 2013) – ARTICLE XI (4)

The functions of the Council shall be:

a) to ensure efficient and effective administration of the uniformed movement of the Association.

b) to call for reports from District Commissioners, Headquarters Commissioners or any Commissioners on any matter when they deem it necessary.

c) to define, after consultation with the District Commissioners concerned, the areas of District Scout Association.

d) to register District Scout Associations and to suspend or to remove them from the register.

e) Upon the recommendation of District Association and the District Commissioner concerned, to register Groups and to suspend or to remove Groups from register.

f) to consider the recommendation of the appointment, suspension and removal of Adult Leaders of the District Scout Councils.